Licata Aqua Strong Panel

Licata Aqua Strong is a fibre cement backer board for tile & stone to be used as superior replacement for traditional tiling substrate. All common problems like tile cracking or mould growth can be avoided using this board as it is dimensionally stable under moisture and comes with intrinsic anti-fungal treatment. Available in 6/12 mm thickness, this board provides excellent tile bonding surface for cementation tile adhesives.

Dimensions: 1500mm x 1200mm
Thickness: 6mm


Licata Aqua Strong Panel

Fibre Cement Boards adequately fulfils the promise of “One Board Many Applications“. These Fibre Cement Boards made using Hatchek process enabled with unique HPSC Technology offers superior resistance to moisture, termite, and fire unlike other conventional wood based reconstituted material like Plywood, Particle Board, MDF etc. making it ideal for a variety of applications in residential, commercial and industrial segment. Fibre Cement Board, in combination with different substrate frameworks like timber, steel and aluminium, offers advanced dry construction solutions in both Interior and Exterior applications leveraging space utilization to the maximum while saving maximum time.

Fiber Cement Boards are made up of [40% Recycled Content]

  • 37% – Portland Cement
  • 34% – Fly ash
  • 08% – Wood Pulp (75% – unbleached Soft Wood Plup & 25% Recycled Cement Paper Kraft)
  • 17% – Silica
  • 04% – Reactants & Additives

Manufacturing Process Involves High Pressure Steam Curing HPSC In Autoclaves.

Standard of Manufacturing – IS 14862; ISO 8336 Part (E)

Areas of Application

  • Internal / External Walls
  • Internal Wall linings
  • False Ceilings
  • Eaves & Soffit Lining, Facia and Duct Coverings
  • Pre-fabricated Shelters
  • Roof Tile Underlay
  • Flooring Substrate

Additional Info

Thickness 6mm
Dimensions 1500mm x 1200mm

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