Licacem Fibro

Lime based adhesive
Suitable for interior and exterior use
Easy workability
surface straightening
Excellent adhesion



Licacem Fibro

It is particularly suitable to:
Semi-structural and stabilising plastering.

Recommended applications:
Plastering vertical surfaces made of the most common building materials.

  • Suitable substrates (indoors or outdoors):
  • Brick walls
  • Clay brick
  • Concrete blocks
  • Precast or cast-in-place concrete


Its versatility of application allows it to be used on all kinds of surfaces.
Its high mechanical strength makes it ideal even for semi-structural reinforcements.
Its smoothness and consistency allow for easy and comfortable application.
Its fibre-reinforced, controlled-shrinkage formulation minimises cracks and fissures.
Its high gripping power allows it to adhere to most common building materials.
Compliant with Standard UNI EN 998-1 as a GP mortar.

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