EPS Grey Insulation

EPS Insulation Grey

Eps Grey Insulation 1200 x 600 grooved and rebated FRA grade for Track & Rail system EPS 70 (Grey) Thermal conducttivity 0.030 w/mk

Thermally Insulated EPS Panel Graphite range offers all the benefits listed below.

Thermal conductivity: 0.030 w/mk
Easy to handle
Lightweight but durable
Variety of thicknesses

Licata Grey Graphite Rigid EPS Insulation

If you are looking for a high-performing, non-structural type of insulation board for use on wood or steel frame exterior walls, our Thermally Insulated EPS Panel Graphite is a simple, cost-effective solution. Graphite is embedded within the EPS core structure thereby enhancing overall thermal performance when compared to other types of rigid foam insulation.

Our thermally insulated graphite expanded polystyrene or EPS insulation is perfect for use in small spaces or in areas that are typically colder than others, and provides a wide range of benefits including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Higher R-value than the same thickness of some other insulation types.
  • Both short and long-term management of moisture.
  • Substantial savings in material costs.
  • Lower labour-related installation costs than other types of external wall insulation.
  • Outstanding thermal performance that meets or exceeds building code requirements.

How Graphite EPS Insulation Works

This type of thermal insulation leverages the ability of graphite to reflect radiant energy when added to the polymer matrix. It’s a cost-effective way of improving overall thermal performance and the graphite provides the product with its signature grey colour.

Graphite EPS insulation is also a more complete type of cavity wall insulation addressing all 3 methods of heat transfer: convection, conduction and radiation. Most types of insulation boards address only convection and conduction.

Graphite EPS insulation also possesses considerable reflective ability. The graphite particles in the insulation coat the cell walls and reflect radiant energy many times as it passes through. The net effect is that the radiant heat stalls out on its way through the panel and is held close for longer than with other types of insulation board.

Our graphite insulation is a cost-effective solution for residential and commercial applications. But it also happens to be an environmentally responsible, energy-efficient type of insulation to produce. That’s because it requires less energy during the manufacturing process than other types of external wall insulation and it exhibits a high degree of dimensional stability.


Thermally Insulated EPS Panel Graphite

Graphite EPS is a lightweight cellular plastic material suitable for a wide range of building insulation applications. It is an excellent insulating medium that exhibits consistent thermal performance over the range of temperatures normally encountered in buildings.

The material is versatile, light in weight, clean and easy to handle, and provides a cost-effective means of including permanent insulation in floors, walls and roofs to meet, and exceed, the standards laid down in the Building Regulations.

Working with Graphite Insulation: What to Know and Expect

There are many reasons to choose graphite insulation for your home or business. It’s an excellent choice for both energy efficiency and sustainable building practices. Let us briefly explore the many benefits of using graphite insulation, and why it’s such an excellent choice for new construction or existing home or office. Here are 5 good reasons to choose graphite insulation:

It’s a Great Alternative to Other Insulation Materials

Graphite insulation is a great alternative to other types of insulation because it’s an excellent option for those looking to build a home or business that is both energy efficient and sustainable. In fact, graphite insulation can save homeowners up to 30% on annual heating and cooling bills. This is an excellent option for those who want to make their homes more environmentally friendly or improve their home’s energy efficiency.

It’s Highly Efficient

Graphite insulation is an excellent option for energy efficiency. Graphite insulation provides the maximum thermal resistance of any type of insulation on the market today. The graphite in this insulation inhibits heat transfer to provide low U-factors and increased resistance to air infiltration.

It’s Highly Sustainable

Graphite insulation is a sustainable product because it’s made from recycled materials and doesn’t release any volatile organic compounds (VOC) into the air. It’s an excellent option for anyone looking to reduce their carbon footprint and protect the environment. Graphite insulation can also be 100% recycled, so you don’t need to worry about disposing of it when it has outlived its purpose.

It’s Easy to Install

Graphite insulation is easy to install. It’s often more lightweight and easier to cut than traditional insulation. The graphite fibres are also resistant to mould, which makes it a nice choice for homes or businesses in humid climates.

It Offers Long-Term Comfort and Energy Savings

Graphite insulation is an excellent choice for long-term comfort and energy savings. The graphite in the insulation has a natural ability to maintain its thermal properties over time, which means that it’ll continue to provide both comfort and energy efficiency.

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Colour Graphite
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