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World-class Rendering Products and Systems in Pimlico

Do You Need a Rendering Supplier in Pimlico?

Licata is Pimlico’s trusted source for high-quality renders. If you’re searching for an easy-to-use and cost-effective solution to your energy efficiency needs, our render selections deliver results. What’s more, we carry more than 700 colours to complement your Pimlico home or business.

Different Types of External Render Systems

Licata rendering systems are comprised of materials that have been continually refined over more than 50 years and which meet or exceed both BBA and ETA building material standards. Our most popular external rendering systems include:

Monocouche Rendering

This cement-based exterior render has the colour mixed into. Monocouche rendering is one layer that can be applied over blocks or bricks. The finished look can be altered to create a variety of effects or smooth it out for a clean, modern look. You don’t need to paint this finish. It is very resistant to water and is resistant to algae growth.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster is a traditional material that has proven its immense value over thousands of years. Our plaster renders are compatible with any type of substrate meaning they can be applied to a wide variety of home styles. Licata plaster renders dry quickly, provide robust waterproofing and are available in more than 700 colours. They are light, resist mould and fungi, are an extremely cost-effective upgrade for a home and will withstand the test of time.

Thin Coat Rendering

Our most popular thin coats are silicone because of their capacity to combat dirt and stains. Furthermore, they stop the development of algae due to their water-resistant construction. Home and business owners appreciate the modern appearance of silicone thin coat render.

Acrylic renders are similar to silicone thin coat renders in that they can be produced in various colours and have equal hydrophobic properties. Clients who live in colder climates typically choose mineral renders for their quick-setting ability.

Pimlico’s Authority on Insulated and External Coloured Rendering Systems

Insulated Rendering

In order to provide thermal insulation, the insulated render is able to be applied outside buildings. And as such, it is most commonly used in areas that have cold climates; however, it can also be utilised in temperate zones that experience condensation. This ensures lasting performance on your structure.

Insulated renders benefit you by reducing your Pimlico property’s energy consumption. This material is very popular, as it has great insulation properties and does not compromise the appearance of your home or business.

Coloured Renders

Through-coloured renders won’t develop cracks or chips like stucco, painted wood and concrete. That’s because our exterior render options are very durable and apply quickly and easily. As such, you can instantly enhance the kerb appeal of your Pimlico home or business.

What’s more, coloured renders look stunning and they’re easy to maintain. And with weatherproof and breathable qualities, they help improve the longevity and health of the structures on which they’re applied. Use Licata’s cost-effective coloured rendering systems on your Pimlico home or business and enjoy lasting performance and brilliance.

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