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To combat the frigid winter air that flows through your home, you need to invest in the right rendering solution. This type of insulation will keep your walls warm and comfortable when it’s cold outside. Here at Licata, you can find rendering in different forms to meet your needs.

We proudly serve the Maidstone community and can accommodate both residences and businesses. So contact us today to the most suitable rendering solution. With more than 50 years of experience in the rendering industry, you can trust that you will receive the highest standard of service.

Overview of Licata Rendering Maidstone

Licata Building Solutions have more than 50 years of experience producing and distributing world-class rendering products throughout the UK and Europe. Our industry-leading BBA and ETA-certified rendering products are renowned for their ease of use, affordability and effectiveness. The following are some of our most popular rendering systems.

Monocouche Rendering

The French term “monocouche” translates roughly to “one coat” and accurately describes this type of Licata rendering. Maidstone home and business owners who opt for a monocouche render will enjoy long term relief on their energy bills and they will not have to invest time and treasure every few years in painting since the monocouche render is through-coloured. This type of render is also hydrophobic and will resist mould and algae.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster as a building material has been with us since the time of the ancient Greeks. It endures because it is versatile, affordable, easy to apply and highly durable. Plaster renders have the added benefit of adhering to any substrate, drying quickly, resisting moisture and repelling algae and mould. Importantly, plaster is light enough that it will not present an undue burden on older walls and it is available in a multitude of colours.

Thin Coat Rendering

The widespread appeal of our thin coat rendering systems is due to their cost-effective versatility. There are 3 different materials that form the basis of our thin coat systems: silicone, acrylic and mineral, with the different materials being indicated for different environmental conditions.

The Right Renders for Your Needs

Insulated Renders

Temperature can be a powerful enemy to your home. Temperatures can cause your home’s materials to expand or contract depending on how they react to changes in temperature. This can result in the home losing its integrity over time, and it will be less durable.

Licata insulation renders can prevent this from happening by stabilizing the temperatures outside walls. However, installing this type of wall insulation is a complex task that should only ever be undertaken by a licensed contractor.

Plaster Renders

Despite the development of very durable synthetic-based materials that are more durable, plaster rendering in Maidstone is still very common. This is because plaster render has a limitless range of uses.

With equal effectiveness, a plaster render can also be applied to a variety of substrates. It can also be applied in many different ways to meet design requirements. Our plaster renders are available in a wide range of colours. Even better, plaster renders will not trap water.

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The cost of rendering your property may seem like a lot. But the benefits of investing in this bundle of protection may end up saving you more than you initially spent. For example, insulated homes are safer from fire, and their residents achieve better health due to reduced indoor air pollution.

Rendering also reduces your energy costs and increases comfort levels. The bottom line is, when you invest in home insulation, you’re not only protecting your family’s well-being but also saving money over the long term.