Super S1 High-performance, deformable cementitious adhesive, classified as C2TE-S1 according to UNI EN 12004 and UNI EN 12002 standards, no vertical slip, extended open time, specifically for thin layer bonding of ceramic tiles and stone material. Super S1 is a high-performance, deformable, polymer-modified, cementitious adhesive, based on high-strength hydraulic binders, selected aggregates and latest-generation additives, for interior and exterior use. Super S1 complies with UNI EN 12004 and UNI EN 12002 standards, cementitious adhesive (C) with improved characteristics (2), no vertical slip (T),and extended open time (E), with high deformability (S1). Super S1 is specifically for high-strength bonding with good ability to absorb de-formations of the substrate and ceramic tiles of all types (including large format) in interiors and exteriors, on floors, walls and ceilings, in environments for civil and commercial use.

Suitable for interior and exterior application
High strength adhesion
High deformability
No vertical slip

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