Part of the latest high quality extruded 6063-T6 aluminium range, Bespoke Planar has all the benefits of the Genius Planar system with additional customisation potential.

As Bespoke Planar is an extruded section, the accuracy achieved is extremely precise and assured to be consistent throughout the project.

Genius Bespoke Planar allows the designer to select a uniquely profiled or curved edge creating a dramatic and original facade appearance with the accuracy associated with extruded aluminium.

Panels can be produced in standard heights of 190mm (200mm module) – with lengths of up to 6000mm. Bespoke panel heights available subject to minimum order quantities.

These products can be supplied in an extensive range of RAL and anodised finishes along with mineral, terracotta, etched & timber finishes.


The Genius Prime system has a rapid turn around from design to installation. The panels are designed and
manufactured in house with our dedicated teams catering to the clients needs.

Our design teams work on state of the art systems to efficiently produce results with precision and accuracy while always following the clients specification and provide technical suggestions on improvements where possible.

Our systems have a unique installation method to minimise the time it takes to install the panels which boasts a 25% improvement of installation time compared to other traditional methods.

This in turn provides our client the edge over competitors as the project will adhere to shorter programmes and reduced labour costs. Overall the facade will be completed in a shorter time frame and reduce any disturbances to surrounding areas.


The Genius Prime system has been formulated to provide a low maintenance design which reduces long term
maintenance costs to a minimum.

To ensure that the maximum lifespan is achieved, we would advise an annual* maintenance checkup to ensure there are no damaged panels and that seals, fixings and flashings are still in place securely.

In the event that there are damaged panels, our team are able to make replacements without affecting the structural integrity of the project.

Project specific O&M manual must be adhered to.

* In areas where there are higher pollution levels or coastal areas, we recommend additional maintenance checks to be carried out.


At Genius Facades, we strive to reduce our carbon foot print as much as possible. We are constantly developing by
sourcing new material suppliers, utilising innovative ways to design and manufacture not only better systems and
processes; by embracing new technology.