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Do You Need a Rendering Supplier in Kent?

The natural environment in Kent has posed challenges to builders since before Caesar landed on the coast near present-day Walmer. The proximity of the North Sea and the Channel along with nearly 200 days of rain every year eat away at exterior walls undermining their integrity and creating cracks and crevices that leak expensive heat into the atmosphere.

A high-quality Licata render system is the best defence against the scourge of high humidity, rain and structural degradation. Thin coat, monocouche and other rendering systems are easy to install, possess outstanding hydrophobic qualities, are flexible, mould-proof and long-lasting. Cost-effective Licata rendering systems can extend the life of a home and bolster its market value.

Licata Building Solutions produce and supply world-class rendering materials to commercial and residential customers throughout Kent and South East London. For more than 50 years we have been leaders in the rendering and plastering space, offering BBA and ETA certified materials that enable home and business owners to improve energy efficiency, lower energy bills and enhance kerb appeal.

We also partner with select contractors on high profile projects, bringing our decades of experience and unparalleled expertise to the table and ensuring a fruitful outcome. When you select Licata external wall insulation products and services you are also selecting 50+ years of research, testing and real-world experience.

Our Array of Leading Edge Rendering Systems

We offer a full range of BBA and ETA certified rendering products for all types of rendering, including but not limited to:

Monocouche Rendering

“Monocouche” is a French word meaning “one coat”. This particular type of render is through coloured so there is no painting necessary after the render cures. Monocouche rendering is algae resistant, hydrophobic, easy to apply and produces a clean, attractive finish that works well with a variety of home and building styles. A monocouche render can also be applied with a render pump, saving time for the contractor and money for the customer.

Coloured Rendering

Licata external wall rendering systems are available in more than 700 colours so you can be sure there is one that is right for your home, business or project. The great benefit of a through-coloured render is that the surface does not need to be painted after the render is applied.

In addition, should the surface become scratched, scraped or chipped the colour of the exposed portion will be identical to the original surface colour, making the damage very difficult to notice. Our coloured rendering systems are also flexible, breathable, hydrophobic and will not abide mould or algae.

Thin Coat Rendering

There are 3 types of thin coat renders: silicone, acrylic and mineral. All of them are cost-effective home enhancements that are easy to apply, exhibit a high degree of breathability and resist cracking. Silicone thin coats retain their bright, attractive appearance for many years and are highly water-resistant. Acrylic thin coats are the most flexible type of render, which makes them a good choice for older homes where a typical sand and concrete render might be prone to cracking. And mineral renders set quickly and are most often recommended for cold areas.

Benefits of Insulated Rendering & Plaster Rendering

Insulated Rendering

As homes expand and contract with the rising and falling of temperatures tiny cracks are created. Over time these cracks can blossom into large areas where the integrity of the external wall has been compromised. Insulated rendering systems are designed to bridge these compromised areas and restore integrity across the entirety of the wall.

Insulated renders are not something that should be attempted by the homeowner. They are considered a specialist type of render and may only be performed by approved contractors using BBA certified render materials. Licata produce and distribute top-quality BBA certified insulated render products and if need be, can put you in touch with an approved contractor to handle the project for you.

Plaster Rendering

Our plaster rendering system can be used with any type of substrate, making it one of our most versatile facade solutions. A Licata plaster render dries quickly, protects against mould, fungi and algae, demonstrates outstanding hydrophobic properties and is available in a range of colours. Our plaster renders are also highly breathable, light enough that they will not be a burden to the wall they are installed on, are characterised by excellent adhesion and are extremely durable.

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