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OTTOCENTO the warm beauty of velvet on your walls. The original one since 1998. An ecological decorative paint reproducing an effect similar to that of velvet, according to the angle at which light hits the surface. Used in the past for mansions and prestigious houses to ensure elegant and exclusive settings. OTTOCENTO, at present and in the future, to characterize contemporary surfaces. Also available in matt version. Product certified in class “A+” under emissions classifications (Decree of the Official French Gazette dated 19th April 2011).

From Contemporary to Classic

If you are looking for a way to evoke the timeless and the elegant Ottocento marble effect finishes provide it. Ottocento endows a wall and ceilings with a soft agreeable texture that is easy on the eye. It can be worked in a variety of ways that evoke the lushness of silk and velvet while retaining a solidity that speaks of a bygone era. Ottocento Italian plaster finishes are available in an impressive variety of colours that enable you to establish the appropriate mood be that contemplative, relaxing, authoritative or welcoming. Whether the setting is contemporary or classic Ottocento marble plastering brings it to life.

Tasteful Versatility

Versatility is a utilitarian concept and not one typically associated with tasteful sophistication. Ottocento, however, manages to blur the line between the versatile and the tasteful by providing the designer with a way to achieve a wide range of decorative plaster finishes using a single product. Ottocento ecological decorative paint is equally at home in the most staid Georgian townhouse and the most avant-garde postmodern condominium. It’s this uncommon level of adaptability that has enabled Ottocento wall finishes to curry favour with designers and decorators of distinction since it first hit the market more than 20 years ago.

Expanding Possibilities

The history of Italy is the history of art and design. Italian decorative history is woven into the fabric of everyday life in ways most of us accept as a matter of course. And that is as it should be. Ottocento marble finish plaster can provide the wow factor that activates your kitchen decor or it can be the subtle background presence that provides the meditative air in your library. In the right hands, the textural possibilities are endless from polished marble to a buff acid-etched concrete-style finish, the effect you want is within your grasp with Ottocento.

Advancing Tradition Through Innovation

For more than 20 years Ottocento has shown the way to a more beautiful, compelling future. A future grounded in timeless decorative truths expressed through innovative products. But while we pay all due respects to the past we also live firmly in the present with an eye on the future. As such, all our products including polished plasters and other decorative finishes, are produced in an eco-friendly manner and are free of toxic substances including formaldehyde. At the end of the day, our entire range of products adheres to the highest standards of material quality and social responsibility.

A Sampling of Evocative Ottocento Finishes

Ottocento provides the warmth and beauty of a velvety finish to your walls that has long been favoured by the aristocracy when decorating their mansions and villas. It is available now to homeowners of discerning taste who want to endow their residence with a timeless, elegant air.

Surface Preparation

In most cases, Ottocento does not require extraordinary surface preparation. Simply clean the surface removing any loose or flaking materials. If, however, the surface is powdering you will need to seal it with a coat of Neoflix or Crilux. Should the surface be unusually rough or irregular we recommend using Paste Screed for Walls by Oikos. Should other circumstances bring into question proper application methods, talk to a member of the Licata team.

As mentioned Ottocento can be used to produce a variety of effects, those include:

  • Antico Velluto – This is a soft, airy finish that helps create a relaxing atmosphere in any room.
  • Antico Velluto verticale – This variation on Antico Velluto endows a space with a sense of structure and can produce the impression that a ceiling is loftier than it is.
  • Seta – A Seta Finish is one that evokes antiquity, captures the imagination and creates a sense of space.
  • Desdemona Effetto Garza – When done right this finish produces the effect of a fabric weave, much like linen.
  • Rigoletto Filato Effect – This is another soft finish with the quality of a textured weave.
  • Carmen Moire Effect – This amazing finish counteracts the effect of large, unbroken walls while giving the impression of parquet wood
  • Damasco – A Damasco finish is active and produces a variety of lighting effects at different times of the day.
  • Tosca – Tosca produces a distressed finish that is a favourite in hotels and restaurants. The degree of “distress” can be fine-tuned during the application process.
  • Mimi – The Mimi finish produces a slightly translucent effect that can breathe air into an otherwise tight space, while simultaneously engaging the mind and spirit.
  • Ottocento marble plaster finishes endow your home, office, hotel or restaurant with a sense of old-world elegance that is nearly impossible to achieve any other way.

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