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The environment in Essex is hard on buildings. It assaults them from every angle every day of the year causing cracks from temperature-related expansion and contraction, degrading materials with high humidity, fog, rain and snow, and promoting the growth of potentially dangerous moulds and fungi. Licata provides world-class rendering materials, rendering services and expert advice that enables home and business owners in Essex to stop this kind of damage in its tracks.

Our high-quality external wall insulation and other rendering systems erect a barrier between your home and Mother Nature, while at the same time increasing energy efficiency and bolstering the market value of your property. It’s the kind of cost-effective win-win that no home or business owner should ignore.

Homes and businesses in Essex get routinely hammered by weather off the North Sea. Those cold, wet winds can wreak havoc on structures, undermining the integrity of external walls and shortening their life. Licata produces and supplies leading-edge products for rendering in Essex that enable residential and commercial building owners to buttress their homes and businesses against environmental hazards.

At Licata we have more than 50 years of experience formulating, producing, testing, refining and distributing rendering systems and supplies. All of our rendering products are BBA and ETA certified, meaning that they meet the highest standards of international building and trade organisations both in the UK and on the continent.

Leading Edge Rendering Essex

Licata render systems are the result of continuous research and testing as well as non-stop evaluation of how they perform in the real world. We never stop striving to produce the perfect render materials and the results speak for themselves. Some of our most popular rendering systems include:

Monocouche Rendering

The word “monocouche” is French and means “one coat”. That pretty much describes a Licata monocouche render. This is a colour render and suitable for most brick or blockwork surfaces. It is typically applied in 2 passes that meld together and constitute the one coat of the name. Monocouche renders are low maintenance, water-resistant and extremely durable. The person applying the render is able to produce an array of finishes to match the requirements of different tastes and building styles, including dry-dashed, scraped and roughcast.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster is a traditional material that has proven its immense value over thousands of years. Our plaster renders are compatible with any type of substrate meaning they can be applied to a wide variety of home styles. Licata plaster renders dry quickly, provide robust waterproofing and are available in more than 700 colours. They are light, resist mould and fungi, are an extremely cost-effective upgrade for a home and will withstand the test of time.

Thin Coat Rendering

All of our thin coat renders are breathable, crack-resistant, water-resistant and easy to apply. They wrap your home or business in a durable, attractive and flexible layer of material that bolsters its defences against environmentally-driven decay while increasing energy efficiency and boosting property valuation. Licata thin coat renders are available as silicone, acrylic or mineral, with silicone being the most popular. Acrylic rendering is flexible and won’t crack or peel due to the expansion and contraction of your home. While mineral renders are a good idea for homes in historically cold parts of the country.

Benefits of Insulated Rendering

Insulated Rendering

Given how hard the environment here is on buildings it is no surprise that our insulated rendering products and services should be as popular as they are. Many structures here, particularly older homes from the early 20th and 19th century suffer from compromised exterior walls with significant cracks, chips and leaks. Our insulated render systems help these damaged structures find new life while at the same time making them more energy-efficient and valuable.

But while an insulated render project can be executed quickly it is nonetheless an exacting process that requires highly trained, approved contractors to ensure long term viability. Those contractors must also use BBA certified materials. If you believe an insulated render is what your home or business needs we can put you in touch with the right contractor in your area.

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