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Famous for its street art, Croydon is certainly up-and-coming. But be wary of its winter months- it can dip to nearly -2 degrees Celsius.

As a popular tourist destination and large commercial area, buildings must be in their best shape. And what better way to protect against the winter frost than with Licata insulation?

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With over 50 years of experience, we have fine-tuned all of our products and provide only the best rendering in Croydon. Here we’ll explain some of our products to give you a better idea of how we can help you protect your property:

Monocouche Rendering

“Monocouche” breaks up into “one” and “coat” in French. Monocouche renders are through colour so they won’t have to be painted over. They can be used on many different substrates such as blockwork and brick. These renders are low maintenance, flexible, and repel water.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster rendering in Croydon is widely applied because it can be used with nearly all substrates. This kind of render has been around since ancient times and has lasted to this day because it is lightweight, hydrophobic, and dries quickly. If you’re looking for a particular style, our plaster renders can be found in over 700 colours.

Thin Coat Rendering

Thin coat renders by Licata are made out of a silicone, acrylic, or mineral base. They are all great budget options that are very breathable and crack resistant. Silicone thin coat renders resist water and have an attractive appearance. Acrylic renders are the most flexible kind of render, making them a popular choice for old homes where other renders might cause cracking. Mineral renders set very quickly.

Insulated and External Coloured Rendering Systems in Croydon

Insulated Renders

Insulated rendering in Croydon is impeccable at providing a barricade between the inside of your building and the outdoor weather. This kind of rendering stabilises the temperature of your walls to protect them against harmful expansion and contraction, making them a great option to repair damaged walls. They are highly energy-efficient.

Coloured Renders

Through-coloured renders won’t exhibit flaking or chipping like you get with painted wood, stucco, and concrete. In addition, this external render is durable and its application is straightforward. It immediately adds value to your property and enhances kerb appeal.

Coloured renders look great and require very little maintenance. They are weather-resistant, breathable and are able to enhance the longevity of structures. Select Licata’s cost-effective coloured rendering systems to instantly add value to your property.

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Licata has the best products on the market and has been a trusted industry leader for half a century. We love serving the greater London area because we care about the people who live there and want families to be as comfortable as possible in their homes.