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London winters are known for their cold and rainy weather. The average low between December and February is 5 degrees Celsius, but we all know the weather often dips far below that into freezing days and nights with dustings of snow.

Having proper rendering in the city of London is vital if you want to avoid spending your free time huddled around space heaters.

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As you know if you’ve spent a winter in London, the weather can get unexpectedly extreme and undermine buildings that seem completely sound. A tip-top rendering system can help alleviate the damage.

We have over five decades of experience producing impressive rendering systems that are mighty and easy to apply. Some of your choices include:

Monocouche Rendering

The word monocouche translates to “one coat” in French. This is a through colour render that resists moisture and is simple to apply by hand or render pump. It can be used on a variety of substrates such as blockwork and brick.

Thin Coat Rendering

Plaster renders are an ancient form of render that was used by the Greeks. Our plastic renders dry quickly, are lightweight and hydrophobic, and can be used with nearly any kind of substrate. Even more impressive, we offer over 700 colours of plaster renders!

Thin Coat Rendering

These renders can be mineral, acrylic, or silicone. All of these materials are highly flexible, making them a great option for ageing structures. They are Licata’s most popular type of render in the city of London.

Why Choose Licata Insulated Rendering Systems?

Insulated renders are used to provide a layer of shielding between you and the elements. They are usually employed to repair damaged exterior walls and increase energy efficiency. Our insulated renders bridge damaged portions of exterior walls and restore vertical and horizontal integrity.

Let Us Help You

With harsh winter conditions, it is essential to have effective rendering in the city of London. Our highly trained team can assess your commercial or residential property and help you decide which type of rendering is best for your specific needs.

We’re London’s most trusted rendering service for a reason!

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