Rendering in Blackheath

World-class Rendering Products and Systems in Blackheath

Our Array of Leading Edge Rendering Systems

Whether you are a homeowner or business owner in Blackheath, Licata has a render solution just for you. We specialise in a variety of render materials and colours to complement your property. Contact us today and discuss how you can enjoy lower energy usage and improved temperature control.

Our Array of Leading Edge Rendering Systems

We offer a full range of BBA and ETA certified rendering products for all types of rendering, including but not limited to:

Monocouche Rendering

This cement-based exterior render comes pre-mixed with colour in it. Monocouche rendering is one coat that can be applied over blocks or bricks. And thanks to its water-resistant composition, it combats algae growth. The finish can be modified to create various effects or simply smooth it out for a sleek, modern appearance. The finish is through-coloured, so you don’t have to paint it.

Plaster Rendering

Plaster is a traditional material that has proven its immense value over thousands of years. Our plaster renders are compatible with any type of substrate meaning they can be applied to a wide variety of home styles. Licata plaster renders dry quickly, provide robust waterproofing and are available in more than 700 colours. They are light, resist mould and fungi, are an extremely cost-effective upgrade for a home and will withstand the test of time.

Thin Coat Rendering

This modern render finish is available in a variety of colours and has features like crack resistance, improved breathability, and high durability. We have thin coat renders of acrylic, silicone or mineral.

The thin coats of silicon are the most well-known because they ward off dirt and stains and slow the growth of algae. Silicone renders are highly resistant to water and sport a trendy look.

Acrylic renders are comparable to thin coatings of silicone in they can be produced in various colours and are just as hydrophobic as silicone. Mineral renders are quick to set and are more suited for cooler climates.

External Coloured Rendering and Insulated Rendering in Blackheath

Coloured Render

Through-coloured renders won’t exhibit flaking or chipping like you get with painted wood, stucco, and concrete. In addition, this external render is durable and its application is straightforward. It immediately adds value to your property and enhances kerb appeal.

Coloured renders look great and require very little maintenance. They are weather-resistant, breathable and are able to enhance the longevity of structures. Select Licata’s cost-effective coloured rendering systems to instantly add value to your property.

Insulated Render

In order to provide thermal insulation to your residence, insulated render can be applied to the exterior of buildings lacking in insulation. Insulated render is ideal for improving the interior temperature and making sure energy consumption is lowered.

Please keep in mind that you will need to contact an approved contractor to apply insulated render, as its application is a specialist project.

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