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The stunning location of this rugged coastline deserved a truly striking project. The homeowners, David and Shirley Harries, decided to build a new home where a bungalow once stood.

We really wanted a home that utilised a range of materials to create modern look as opposed to building a glass palace that could look to ostentatious in the rugged seafront location”, said David.

The owners contacted George + Tomos Architects, who led the design project whilst keeping in mind some of the design constraints of the local area and the fact the materials chosen will need to be able to withstand the coastal elements. This allowed, CUPACLAD to emerge as the perfect solution.

The CUPACLAD system allowed the new home to blend into the surrounding cliffs beautifully. In addition, I had to consider the high winds that the project would be exposed to and select something that would have the appropriate durability”, remembers Arwyn George.

The Logic system is a balanced design concept, which includes invisible fixings and enhances the classy beaty of natural slate. As a cladding material, the natural slate will always stay looking as pristine as the day it was installed.

The homeowners explain: “We really loved the proposal. The slate would blend seamlessly with the local landscape – both the cliffs behind the property as well as some of the other houses in the area, which also utilises natural slate. What’s more, the material is sympathetic to its environment.”

Strong winds are always the worst enemy of houses built on the coastline, and this was no exception. Nevertheless, the BBA certified CUPACLAD system is able to withstand the winds of the Channel.

We were concerned that some of the slates would be lost in recent strong winds; however, the cladding remained completely intact. We would definitely recommend CUPACLAD”, insisted the couple.

The Logic system was the option chosen by the architects and homeowners, but there are more systems to install natural slate in your façade. You can even create your own personalized composition with the assistance of our conception team.



The CUPACLAD® 101 LOGIC rainscreen cladding system gives any facade balance, combines ideally with other materials and flaunts natural slate’s texture and sheen.

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