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    Top Layer 100 A+B


    Two-part modified aliphatic polyurethane coating, resistant to wear and UV rays, with a high level of elasticity.
    Top Layer 100 is a two-part aliphatic polyurethane resin-based and solvent-based coating, ideal as a protective and colour finish layer on top of the licata.water proofing range of membranes or the most common cementitious surfaces used in the construction industry. The result of Licata S.p.A.


    • UV resistant
    • Resistance to fresh and marine water and detergents
    • Resistance to diluted acids
    • Active chlorine (maximum 0.5% in water)
    • Resistance in marine and industrial environments
    • High bonding strength
    • High surface mechanical resistance
    • Operating temperature from -30 ° C to + 90 ° C in air
    • Application by brush, roller, airless spray


    Appearance: Fluid liquid RAL Tone
    Pack size: Containers 10 kg (A) + 3 kg (B) 13 Kg total
    Consumption: 150 g/m²
    Mixing ratio: 1 (A) : 0.3 (B)
    Storage: 12 months in a dry and shielded place unopened, at 20°C

    Fields of Use

    Thanks to its characteristics of elasticity, chemical and surface mechanical resistance and UV resistance, Top Layer 100 is ideal as a protective colouring finishing layer for:

    • Waterproof polyurethane-based membranes

    • Cementitious subtrates in general.

    In case of application on other surfaces, please contact the technical department.


    Surface preparation:

    Remove any loose or easily detachable parts. Thoroughly clean the application area so that it is completely dry, free from dust, residues of surface treatments such as: detergents, oily substances, mineral or organic grease, waxes, traces of gypsum and salts.

    Apply Top Layer 100 by brush, roller, or airless spray at the rate of 150 g/m2 for 70 μm of thickness, avoiding dripping and lumps which could compromise the successful outcome. In case of airless applications, use 0.015-0.021 inch nozzles at a pressure of at least 180 bar. The product will be touch-dry after 2 hours, and a second coat can be applied after at least 12 hours (A22 ° C and 50% U.R.). Do not apply Top Layer 100 in extreme conditions such as: surfaces exposed to direct sunlight or frost.

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