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    Texture 2000


    Size Colours Dimensions
    50m² White Width: 1000 mm

    Depth: 0.45 mm

    Licata Texture 2000

    It finds its main destinations of use as reinforcement in interventions of waterproofing with the waterproofing sheaths, either based on acrylic resins or polyurethane solvents, of the waterproofing range of Licata.


    • Texture 2000 creates reinforcements of superior elasticity, control of the dimensional stability is ensured by the use of microfibres in polyester.
    • Ease and speed of application: facilitates the use of Texture 2000 in interventions of waterproofing, avoiding the risk of the formation of micro breaks.
    • Texture 2000 allows the armature of the coatings in thicknesses from 1 to 5 mm.

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