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    Weight Colour Consumption
    25kg Grey 2.5 – 5 kg/m²

    Licata Tile Adhesive C1T 25kg

    Fields of use

    R600 Licata Tile Adhesive is intended for the application on interior walls and floors of: medium sized tiles and ceramic coating | highly or moderately absorbent single fired ceramics, terracotta etc | traditional substrates with cementitious plaster | cement slabs that are well seasoned and dry | normalised screeds | screeds in anhydrite and plasters with a gypsum base, after priming with TilesEco Primer | substrates not subjected to high stress.


    • No vertical slip: its high thixotropy allows laying tiles also vertically
    • Class C1T: certified according to UNI EN 12004 standard.
    • Good wettability: the latest generation additives used for its formulation give R600 tiles adhesive good wettability.
    • Ideal for ceramic and stone materials with high absorbtion

    Preparation of the product

    6.25 – 6.75 litres of clean water for every 25kg bag


    Licata R600 tile adhesive can be stored for up to 9 months in a dry, protected place in unopened container at temperatures between +5° C and +35° C

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