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    Licata Warranties

    Licatatherm’s history finds its roots in the late sixties. EWI  systems are extensively tested to meet the strictest regulatory requirements and have been time served since. In addition to Licata standard product liability warranties further reassurance is provided by independent certification from test bodies such as BBA, ETA, ETAG 004, ISO9001, BS476 as well as other internationally renowned establishments.

    There are also a number of third party insurance back warranty options available on all systems, selection of which will be dependent on project requirements.

    Standard Warranties

    Licata offers a standard ten (10) year limited materials warranty for all systems. Please note that licata shall have no liability for the application of materials and assume that all products have been applied in accordance with the project specification and data sheet recommendations.

    BBA, British Board of Agreement
    BBA Certification offers a standard 30 year maintainable life for Licatatherm External Wall Insulation Systems

    ETA Certification External thermal insulation systems imply the subordination of the existence of a relative European Technical (ETA) Such European Technical Approval consists in a positive technical assessment of product suitability for it’s foreseen use, founded on the correspondence to requirements which are essential for the works for which the product is to be used and linked to the outcome of the examinations and tests contained in the specific Guidelines for European Technical Approval (ETAG, European Technical Approval Guideline) in this case ETAG 004 for which Licatatherm is certified. Moreover , in prediction of acoustic certification of the buildings, licata + greutol has certified, at the Giordano Institute, in collaboration with RDB Hebel S.P.A. and Saint – Gobain. Ewi insulation systems obtaining acoustic insulation values equal to Rw = 55db.

    Insurance Back Warranties

    Licata offers a product liability warranty with all installations. However, it is a requirement of DECC (Department of Energy & Climate Change) that a third party insurance backed warranty covering design, materials and workmanship is offered on any ECO or Green Deal funded project and Licatatherm works with Guarantee Agency’s & QANW who have products that satisfy these requirements.

    Solid Wall Insulation Guaranty Agency

    The Guarantee Agency’s offers 25 year guarantee provides householders with an independent, uniform and dependable guarantee covering professionally installed External, Internal and Hybrid (where both are used on the same property) solid wall insulation installations.

    The Guaranty Agency Quality Assurance Framework and Guarantee provide additional peace of mind and access to technical expertise in the event of any defect arising in the design, workmanship or materials.

    National Warranties, Kinnell Group Company

    QANW is UK leading provider of insurance backed guarantees and latent defect insurance products for the home improvement and general construction industries. The guarantees and insurance policies conform to all the relevant criteria within ‘The Code’, ‘The Framework’ and Ofgem guidelines for ECO guarantees. With the launches of the Green Deal the Energy Company Obligation and with the Government’s corresponding aim of promoting the installation of carbon-reduction measures, Warranty Services Limited has seen fit to launch Kinnell Green Deal and Kinnell ECO; whose aims are to support Green Deal and ECO, respectively, through the provision of long-term insured guarantee solutions.

    The insurance products provided by Kinnell ECO and Kinnell Green Deal are underwritten by a UK based insurer which is authorised and regulated by the both the Prudential Regulation Authority and the Financial Conduct Authority. Eligible policyholders benefit from rights of recourse to both the Financial Ombudsman Service and the Financial Services Compensation Scheme; for dispute resolution and statutory compensation respectively.

    Green Deal and the Energy Company Obligation demand, from stakeholders, long-term guarantee solutions to protect customers. This is of the utmost importance with respect to cavity and solid wall insulation, where such guarantees are expected to be for a minimum of 25 years. The bespoke insured protection provided by both Kinnell Green Deal and Kinnell ECO seeks to provide such protection, even in the event that the original guarantee provider ceases to trade.

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