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    Licata is a diverse + leading European manufacturer of building solutions for facades and interior surfaces.

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    Licata’s history finds its roots in the late Sixties, over the years, the company gained an extensive experience in coatings, insulation systems, and powdery products and it acquired a business mindset focused on reliability and punctuality of the service.

    The beginning of the Eighties mark a milestone: the company approached the Italian industry scene and founded an important production centre in Italy (Canicattì, province of Agrigento) homeland of one of the two founders, presenting itself as an innovator in the building, introducing the first external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS) and new decorative silicate potassium-based minerals.

    Production & Logistics

    Licata offers a full range of solution for building, both in paste and in powder, such as external thermal insulation composite system (ETICS), decorative systems, coatings, water-based paint, plaster, mortar, adhesives, waterproofing products, products for recovery and restoration.


    The company relies upon a laboratory which handles the incoming materials (raw materials) and outgoing (finished product), in accordance to the strictest ISO, EN ASTM e DIN standards.

    The aim is to monitor the quality of the product since the earliest stages, so as it can be launched in the market only after achieving high quality requirements.

    Research & Development

    Along with following the trends of the marked, reflection of the continuous and deep changes through the times, a competitive company needs to be able to grasp even the slightest sign of change and being ahead of it. For this purpose, licata places so much emphasis on research.The laboratory, as well as testing the features of each product, is responsible for experimenting with possible improvements and developing new products that meet the ever-changing needs of the market. Staff training through regular internships, seminars and meetings, is also another focal point of the company: the aim is to always have highly qualified staff available. The company takes constantly part to congresses and trade fairs, which are both vital tools to acquire updated market news, and represent an important showcase for licata’s work. Sensitive to environmental preservation, which is strictly connected to preservation of man, the company pursues a development idea meant as research and processing of alternative and eco-compatible†home-building†solutions.

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