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    Licata Aqua Strong Board


    Licata Aqua strong is a fibre cement backer board for tile and stone to be used as a replacement for plasterboard or plywood. It contains Mouldguard technology, giving you superior moisture and mould resistance. It provides a dimensionally stable cement bonding surface that wont wrap, swell, rot or deteriorate even in wettest conditions.

    Fields of Use

    • Internal Walls – High traffic/impact prone areas
    • Residential/Commercial/Industrial
    • Wet Area Lining – Kitchen, Bathrooms
    • Commercial Flooring
    • External Wall Cladding/Bracing Non Load Bearing/Load Bearing Walls/Residential/Commercial/Industrial/Cladding Walls in Warehouses/Factories

    Product & Technical Specifications:

    Product Proprietes Unit Aqua Strong Aqua strong plus
    Standard SIze Mm 1500 x 1200 1200 x 800
    Thickness mm 6 8
    Standard Weight Kg/m2 9.0 12.0
    Wet Modulus of Rupture N/mm2 8-9 8-9
    Tile Pullout Load Kg/m2 60-80 80-100
    Drying Shrinkage mm/m 1.5-2.0 1.5-2.0
    Srew Withdrawal Strenght N 1250-1400 1250-1400
    Surface Water Absorption % <2% <2%
    Fire Resistance (EN-13501) Class A2(Non Combustible) A2(Non Combustible)

    ‘ Aqua Strong Plus comes with a unique embossed pattern with depth upto 0.6mm-thus allowing saving in Cement based Tiles adhesive up to 5%.

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