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    LicaPrimer 300 Cristal


    Weight Colours Consumption
    1 kg Clear 0.030 – 0.080 kg/m²

    Licata LicaPrimer 300 Cristal

    LicaPrimer 300 Cristal finds its main destination of use as adhesion promoter for Licalastic 300 Cristal on: ceramic tiles of any kind (double firing, bisucit, porcelain soneware, clinker, etc.) | marble and natural stone | glazed surfaces | vitreous mosaics | glass | transparent plastic materials | substrates with little or no absorbent properties.


    • Easy applicaition: LicaPrimer 300 Cristal is a single-component, ready to use.
    • UV Resistant: non-yellowing.
    • High adhesion strength: ideal for priming of substrates with little or no absorbent properties such as ceramics in porcelain stoneware, glass, glazed surfaces.
    • Working temperature from -30°C to +90°C  in air: Lica Primer 300 Cristal retains all its properties even at temperatures between -30°C and +90­­°C.


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