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    Licalastic Svart


    Licalastic Svart is a thixotropic bituminous emulsion, ready to use, consisting of a mixture of selected inert fillers, elastomeric resins, special additives with excellent adhesive properties, elasticity, waterproofing, resistance to atmospheric agents and UV rays, retaining its properties even at temperatures between -20 ° C and + 150 ° C.


    Appearance: Black thixotropic paste
    Pack size: 310 ml HPE tube

    1 Kg plastic pot

    5 Kg plastic tub

    20 Kg plastic tub

    Consumption: from 1.2 to 1.8 kg/m²
    Shelf life in original packaging: 12 months
    Dry time: 24/48 hours at 23 °C UM 50%

    Fields of Use

    Licalastic Svart is used as waterproof liquid sealing membrane where the application of heat on polymer bitumen membranes is not possible, both horizontally or vertically, to repair, seal and finish new or existing waterproofing, to repair balconies and terraces without removing the old flooring. It can be used for bonding insulating panels. Diluted to 50% it can be used as an anti-dust primer on concrete before applying Licalastic Svart waterproofing.


    Surface preparation: 

    Remove any loose, brittle or easily detachable parts, paint, rust, dust, oily substances. Thoroughly clean the application area so that it is completely dry. Please check that the drain outlets are solidly fixed effectively sealed before application. Stir Licalastic Svart before use, then apply by roller, brush, airless spray-gun, brush, spatula or notched squeegee. Never exceed 1 mm thickness for each coat to avoid extended drying of the product. Licalastic Svart can also be applied on damp surfaces as long as there is no sitting water. To avoid bubbling on slabs with dampness above 5%, install special outlet vents to eliminate condensation forming under the waterproof layer (1 vent every 40/50 m2). Please note that in all applications on reinforced concrete or on any surface where there is metal, hairline cracks appear every 3 – 4 metres which always require the use of reinforcement fabric.
    Recommended reinforcement fabric for Licalastic Svart are the following:

    – Anti-crack reinforcement Lica Armor 1000 (microperforated polypropylene non-woven fabric 60 g/m²) for exposed waterproofing.

    – Texture 2000 for under-tile waterproofing. Then prime with LG Aggrapante before bonding the tiles with Super S1 cement adhesive.

    – Texture 2000 for waterproofing under a cement screed.

    – Texture 2000 for waterproofing metal substrates.

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