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    Licalastic 120 AC


    Coloured, single-part flexible acrylic resin-based membrane in aqueous dispersion, with micronised charges, and next generation additives, specific for waterproofing concrete surfaces, ideal for the maintenance of bituminous sealant.
    Licalastic 120 AC is a single-part membrane based on acrylic elastomers in aqueous dispersion, with micronised charges and next generation additives, coloured red, white and grey, specific for waterproofing concrete surfaces and for the maintenance of bituminous sealant Developed by the Licata S.p.A. R&D laboratories, it is characterised by a high degree of adhesion on the most common cementitious surfaces used in the building industry; it is extremely easy to apply (horizontal/vertical) and very versatile. Once cured, it creates a waterproof, permanent barrier, resistant even in marine or mountainous environments. Licalastic 120 AC can be left exposed as it is UV resistant.


    • Available in three colours White, Red and Grey.
    • easy to apply Licalastic 120 AC is a single-part product diluted only with water.
    • Can be reinforced using Lica Armor 1000 strengthening fabric
    • easily resettable Should the membrane suffer from damage, it can easily be repaired within minutes..
    • high degree of bonding Licalastic 120 AC is characterised by high bonding on almost all surfaces used in the building industry.
    • uV resistant Licalastic 120 AC is UV resistant and preserves its properties in varying climatic conditions, even in marine and mountainous environments.
    • Can be walked on Anti slip quartz is an excellent protection for concrete paving and floors not subject to heavy traffic.


    Appearance: Thick paste white, red, grey
    Pack size: Polypropylene containers of 5 and 20 Kg
    Consumption: From 0.5 to 1 Kg/m², depending on layers
    Application temperature: From +5° to +35°C
    Dry time: 8-10 h

    Fields of Use

    Licalastic 120 AC main intended uses are:

    • Maintenance and renovation of fibre cement roof coverings

    • Maintenance of aged bituminous membranes and cement renders

    • Protection of concrete structures, also ground, vertical surfaces, tiles, bricks etc

    • Waterproofing of hanging structures (such as canopies and balconies), flower pots, gutters, before laying screeds.

    • Prefabricated or cast-in-situ concrete

    In case of application on different surfaces, please contact the technical department.


    Surface preparation:

    Remove any loose or easily detachable parts, the surface needs to be completely dry, free from dust, residues of surface treatments such as: detergents, oily substances, mineral or organic grease, waxes, traces of gypsum and salts.

    Apply Licalastic 120 AC diluted with 30/40% of water. After about 8 – 10 hours, depending on the ambient conditions and touch-dry, applied a second coat diluted at 20/30%. Each thickness must not be > 1 mm. Successive coats can only improve the waterproofing properties, always abiding by drying times, and ensuring that the final layer is perfectly dry and rock-hard.

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