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    Hydro Osmo K


    Weight Colours Consumption
    25kg Grey and White 1.4 kg/m² per 1mm thickness

    Licata Osmo K Cement Mortar

    Hydro Osmo K was formulated in such a way as to ensure the best performances in the interventions of waterproofing and protection of the most common cementitious substrates adopted in the construction industry when there is no requirement for its crack bridging ability for hairline cracks | Hydro Osmo K can be applied by spray, by spatula and by brush, effectively fulfilling all the worksite application requirements | it is indicated for the waterproofing of: pools | tanks | channels | reservoirs | hydraulic tunnels | retaining walls | underground structures | tunnels | lift compartments | Hydro Osmo K can be used both as a final layer and as an intermediate layer before the laying of paints and decorative coatings.


    • Specifically for the protections of concrete: thanks to its special formulation, prevents the penetration of atmospheric CO2, thus protecting the underlying concrete from negative consequences of carbonation.
    • Excellent resistance to the direct and indirect hydrostatic thrust: essential characteristics for a good waterproofing coating, it allows counteracting the penetration of water in both positive pressure and negative pressure.
    • High Adhesion Power
    • High water vapour permeability
    • Excellent resistance to freeze-thaw cycles
    • High resistance to abrasion: the high-strength hydraulic binders and selected inert fillers with a constant grading curve offer good surface mechanical strength.
    • Easy workability: the use of special additives and inert material with constant grading curve with maximum head < 500 micron give Hydro Osmo K high fluidity, ease of processing and applicability by spray, spatula (with 3 mm teeth), roller or brush.

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