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    Licata Clay BrickSlips


    GreuBrick slips have been used to finish interior and exterior walls. Many millions of square meters of facade have been finished using brick slips. Brick slips are ideal for facade cladding, in both technical and aesthetic sense. When brick slips are used in new builds or renovation projects, they are given a masonry look that cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork. This means that the authentic value of buildings and neighbourhoods is retained.

    It is also possible to create a modern or contemporary ambiance using GreuBrick slips.


    Very long life, with 10 year product guarantee

    Low thickness and weight

    Resistant to all weather conditions

    Washable, impact resistant, paintable

    Colourfast and no efflorescence

    British standard brick dimensions

    Offer a professional, real brick finish.

    GreuBrick slips are almost totally mineral based. The product consists mainly of a mixture of assorted quartz-sands and a binding agent. The binding agent is a high-grade polymer dispersion and serves the role of clay in a traditional brick. It means that the product remains flexible.

    The UV-resistant pigments guarantee the colour fastness of the brick slip. The brick slip and the adhesive consist mainly of the same raw materials and, following application, form one whole.

    Thanks to the combination of high-quality raw materials and specific production processes, the reutherm brick slip is a unique and durable product. Brick slips cannot be distinguished from traditional bricks, but they do have many advantages. If it is not technically possible to use bricks, reutherm brick slips provide a way of creating a masonry look after all.

    The advantages definitely also apply in the long term. Over 30 years experience proves that brick slips are more or less maintenance free. Furthermore, brick slips are washable, impact resistant, paintable, water repellent and vapour permeable.

    1. Blockwork/brickwork or steel framed systems

    2. Adhesive system. Acril Primer Plus, to substrate to ensure correct adhesion

    3. Insulation Boards achieve insulation values to meet. or exceed, stringent requirements of Part ‘L’ of the building regulations.

    4. Fire Barriers to comply with the recommendations of the BRE, horizontal barriers are required to be placed at every floor level above 2 storeys. These barriers comprise of 1200mm x 200mm rock fibre panels, density 140kg/m3. The strip is adhered to the substrate in a continuos strip around the building.

    5. Reinforcing Coat GreuRaso Plus – a dry adhesive hydraulic and polymer binder, modifying additives and fine grain filers, vapour permeable. Range of working temperatures from +5 to +3oC. Mixed with around 6.5 litters of clean water per 25kg bag.

    6. Reinforcement shall be our fibreglass mesh with a surface treatment coating to provide a high resistance to alkali attack and is manufactured so as to prevent laminar movement and deformation.

    7. GreuBrick slips adhesive and joint mortar – cement – free mortar to apply GreuBrick slips.

    8. GreuBrick slips to create the appearance of a classic brick finish.

    1. The first step in correct application of GreuBrick slips, is the careful setting out of the area to which they are to be applied.

    2. After setting out the divisions, begin at the top. GreuBrick adhesive and joint mortar horizontally with the 6mm x 6mm toothed trowel at the external corners.

    3. Take care not to apply so much material that a skin can form whilst you work.

    4. Then embed the corner pieces firmly in the mortar, ensuring that they are offset.

    5. Apply GreuBrick adhesive and joint mortar at the same height as the corner pieces to an area of approximately 1m2.

    Licata + Greutol adhesive and joint mortar comes in five different shades to blend or add distinctive accents to buildings – allowing a wide variety of designs to be achieved.

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