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    Licata is a manufacturer and leading supplier of external wall insulation, decorative render, flooring and waterproofing systems, we supply our products to contractors and specifiers nationwide.

    If you’re a homeowner, we can still help you. We can point you in the right direction to find an approved installer who are specifically trained and approved by us to use our products. They will be able to help you secure funding, talk you through your needs, the products available, the cost involved and carry out the work to your satisfaction.

    Get in Touch with a Licata Approved Installer, Call us on 01322 927 600 and we’ll put you in touch with an Licata approved installer local to you. Alternatively,  fill out the contact form or drop us an email at info@licataltd.co.uk


    External Wall Insulation Systems

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    Our extensive range of renders + external wall insulation systems ensures we can provide an innovative solution for any residential, commercial or educational project whether it be new-build or refurbishment.

    Licata Monocouche Render

    Licata Scratch Render is a one coat pre-mixed render. UV resistant and has waterproof natural additives. It is a product with high reliability in terms of duration and is particularly appreciated for it’s aesthetic beauty. The water repellent surface reduces water absorption an dimples resistance to algae growth and requires very little maintenance.

    Acrylic & Clay Brick Slips Systems

    Brick slips are Ideal for facade cladding, in both technical and aesthetic sense. When brick slips are used in new builds or renovation projects, they are given a masonry look that cannot be distinguished from traditional brickwork. This means that the authentic value of buildings and neighbourhoods is retained.


    Licata Flooring Systems

    With our preparation products, primers, screed and self levelling, waterproofing, tile adhesive and grout, and silicone sealant, Licata provides an entire tiling and flooring solution:

    • Self-smoothing floor levelling compound — suitable for a range of application depths 
    • Primer — for the preparation of most substrates prior to the application of tile adhesives
    • Under tile tanking membrane — to protect water-sensitive substrates from exposure to water
    • Liquid Bituminous water-based sealant membrane – ready to use with excellent cohesion, flexibilty, waterprofing and UV resistace characteristics even at temperatures between -20°C and +150°C
    • Cement based tile adhesives — for use in both internal and external areas, where higher levels of moisture are present
    • Grout and silicone sealant — suited to a number of requirements and available in a range of colours to finish the job
    • Italian Porcelain Tiles

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