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    Epoxy 230 A+B


    Size Colours
    • A-1kg , B-1kg
    • B-5kg , B-5kg

    Licata Epoxy 230 A+B

    Epoxy 230 A+B is a versatile product used for: repairs, reconstruction and grouting work on concrete, for gluing in a structural way diverse construction materials | covering and protecting the reinforcing irons | for the embedment anchors | anchoring bolts, etc. | It has excellent thixotropy but with a soft consistency | It finds its main fields of use for: skimming for cycles of concrete restoration | structural bonding of marble, granite, steel, wood, stone | structural embedment of reinforcing rods | embedment of anchoring bolts, anchors, etc. | interventions on cementitious infrastructure in general.


    • Excellent mechanical performance
    • Adheres to wet substrates
    • Good operating temperature: the operating temperatures of the product are comprised between -30°C and +85°C.
    • Soft consistency even with excellent thixotropy
    • Minimum temperature of application +0°C
    • Ease of preparation: mixing ratio 1:1 by weight

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