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    Clay Brickslips


    Clay Brick Slips are thin sections of brick that replicate the look of conventional brick work and can be used both internally and externally. They are a quick and cost effective way to replicate the look of conventional brick work, providing excellent durability and low maintenance, the brick slips are ideal for new build or renovation projects and are incredibly easy to fit and point. They are used across a wide range of market sectors: for residential and commercial applications, for smaller features, full rooms or complete building exteriors.


    Most installations commence with the corners (if using them). The choice to start at the top or the bottom depends on the particular situation. Take the same precautions for health and safety as applicable to normal tiling and normal handling of brick products. If in doubt, consult a suitably qualified professional. External installation: There are countless situations for installing brickslips outside due to the very versatile nature of the product. Each situation will be different. If in doubt, consult a suitably qualified professional.

    Check the brick slips before installing. The substrate should be clean, workable, solid and even. Apply a suitable adhesive with a toothed spatula. Float the brick slips firmly into the adhesive. A string line will be helpful. Always mix the brick slips from several boxes. Smooth out the adhesive in the joints with a wet paintbrush. If you wish a joint filling, after 24 hours, use a pointing mortar for bricks. Apply it with a traditional metal trowel. Do not plaster the joints with a tile grout.

    For all brick slips there are suitable corners. Brick slip corners may vary slightly in appearance due to production.


    • Quicker and easier to install
    • Less labour
    • Less time
    • Less cost
    • Low thickness and weight
    • British standard brick dimensions
    • Offer a professional, real brick finish

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